Delivery Tips


General Information

Containers are delivered two ways: Tilt-bed or Flat-bed.

Tilt-bed delivery is typically more costly but provides a convenient ground-level delivery of your containers. Both Standard height and Hi-Cube containers can be delivered by tilt-bed truck.

Flat-bed delivery is available for 8’6″ high standard containers, and can be more affordable on medium and long-distance deliveries, provided there is adequate lifting equipment at the destination. Hi-Cube containers (9’6″high) must be delivered by tilt-bed truck or step-deck truck. Step-deck trucks are in short supply and can be as expensive as the tilt-bed.


Delivery Demo

Tilt-Bed Delivery Tips:

  • Delivery is quoted for completion of placement in 30 minutes or less.
  • Site should be flat and level preferably with a gravel, asphalt or concrete surface.
  • There must be 10 ft of width clearance.
  • The truck delivery system requires 55 ft of straight clearance to off-load a 20 ft container.
  • The truck delivery system requires 110 ft of straight clearance to off-load a 40 ft container.
  • The area must be clear of debris, bushes, tree branches, etc. that would inhibit the off-loading process.

Flat-Bed Delivery Tips:

  • Delivery is quoted for container off-loading within 1-hour of arrival.
  • Fork-lifts used to offload containers need 8 ft long blades and a 5,000 lb capacity for 20 ft containers and a 8,000 lb capacity for 40 ft and larger containers.
  • Flat-bed trucks require 60 ft of straight clearance for either a 20 ft or a 40 ft container.