About Us

The Story of AWOL, Inc.

AWOL, Inc. is a small business that was established in 2000. AWOL started out with a mission to provide Cargo Shipping Containers, or “Conex” boxes, to Federal and State Agencies by winning Government Contracts. It is no secret that the lowest bidder wins in this highly demanding and competitive environment. Through the owner’s experience and commitment to quality service, AWOL carved out a reputation for being on-time, on-budget and providing spot-on quality service and supplies. AWOL quickly became a competitive player against other larger container suppliers, and was rewarded with a $1 Million Contract to provide watertight storage containers for FEMA relief in New Orleans, Louisiana, following Hurricane Katrina.

By applying the same practices and procedures honed through the years of supplying hundreds of CONEX Cargo Shipping Containers to the Federal Government, AWOL is now the only choice for the demanding consumer who requires high quality containers at low pricing. Cargo Shipping Containers are now used routinely for watertight storage, and can be purchased by individuals – as well as businesses and government agencies. AWOL Containers offers Company Owners with industry experience of over 30 years in the international Container trade business.

We are from the industry and we know the industry.