Shipping Containers For Sale in Baltimore

Shipping Containers for Sale Baltimore, MD

AWOL Containers also sells their shipping containers in the coastal region of Baltimore, MD. Contact us to find out about our shipping containers for sale in Baltimore. We have a good supply of new and used shipping containers as well as shipping container modifications available here.

Our shipping containers are quite popular for all kinds of end uses. They provide convenient and secure watertight storage at a very reasonable cost. Repurposed Cargo Containers are routinely used at work, construction sites, on farms, and at home. Our customers include freight forwarding companies, large and small businesses, local/state/federal agencies, manufacturing and construction companies, farmers, and even individuals in need of a single container.

We are experts in shipping containers and shipping container modifications.

All of our cargo containers are shipped into the USA carrying imported goods from across the globe. The containers are loaded onto cargo ships and transported across the ocean. Once offloaded and emptied, AWOL provides these containers to our customers – both domestic and international for sale. We can even make modifications to containers including shelf brackets, shelving, lock boxes, windows, paint and more!

AWOL Containers is here for you!

We are your direct source of cargo shipping containers and you can trust us to get you the highest quality containers available! Honesty, affordable pricing, customer service, and satisfaction are the cornerstones of AWOL.  Every shipping and storage container is inspected to guarantee a watertight condition. Shipping containers can be certified as Cargo Worthy and CSC plated for international movement if needed. We will not misrepresent the condition of our containers and equipment and will provide photos and/or certification as requested to ensure our customers know exactly what they are getting.

We also service these areas near Baltimore for shipping containers:

  • Washington, DC
  • Frederick, Maryland
  • Annapolis, Maryland
  • Hagerstown, Maryland

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