Shipping Containers For Sale in Charlotte

Available Shipping Containers for Sale Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC is a major city in the Southeastern United States and is a commercial hub situated in North Carolina. AWOL, Inc. offers brand new shipping containers and cargo containers in the Charlotte NC area. Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer shipping container modifications to Charlotte, but we do offer shipping modifications in select locations.

AWOL is Your Direct Source for New Cargo Shipping Containers

Through established partnerships with Shipping Lines, Manufacturers and International Leasing Companies, AWOL offers a Global Reach and a Local Touch. Whether a large volume or small quantity of containers is required, AWOL delivers top quality shipping containers in various sizes for sale in Charlotte including:

Different container sizes for different needs. Contact AWOL today to get a free quote on shipping containers!

Transporting and Storage of Goods

Our shipping containers for sale in Charlotte are perfect for transportation and storage. Different cargo containers are made for different purposes. These include:



Reefers shipping containers for sale in Charlotte are used for storing temperature sensitive goods such as fruits, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, dairy and also also non-food products such as flowers, pharmaceuticals and film. Reefers are in high demand for their superior insulating qualities that allow reliable dry storage of temperature-sensitive goods. .

Open-top Containers

Open-top Containers

Open-Top Containers are a type of storage containers or shipping containers used for transporting cargo that are too tall—more than the height of shipping containers. These cargo containers allow for easy loading and unloading of the container from the top. Contact AWOL today to learn more about open-top containers.

Flat-Rack Containers

Flat-Rack Containers

There are two types of flat-rack containers—Standard and collapsible. Collapsible Flat Racks are designed to carry cargo such as boats, vehicles or machinery that is wider, taller or heavier than normal freight. Collapsible end frames allow multiple flat-racks to be stacked onto one another. This saves the customer significant costs in positioning expense and limits required storage space.

AWOL provides all types of logistics solutions required to get your Conex where it is needed; including cross-country hauls utilizing flat-bed trucks or rail, and/or local container delivery using tilt-bed trucking. AWOL DELIVERS!


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