Shipping Containers For Sale in Memphis, TN

Leading Supplier of Shipping Containers for Sale Memphis, TN

We have a great supply of New & Used shipping containers for sale in Memphis, TN, however, we have no modification options available here.

Buy new and used shipping containers for sale in Memphis TN at a great price! Customer can purchase shipping containers from AWOL, Inc. all over the Southeast. We have been providing high quality new and used shipping containers to Tennessee for almost 2 decades.

Our expertise and service are what sets us apart from other container sales companies.

shipping containers for sale memphis TN

High Quality Shipping and Storage Container Solutions for Memphis, TN

Our customers can eliminate the endless rental costs of storage units by purchasing a cargo container. The most commonly purchased units are 20-foot and 40-foot length standard containers.

All standard containers have a height of 8-1/2 feet. High cube 40-foot containers are also available in 9-1/2 feet height, and 45-foot lengths are offered in certain areas.

Collapsible-End Flat Rack containers are designed to transport over-sized machinery and equipment that is too wide or too high for a standard container. Open Top containers are used to ship over-height cargo, and are offered with or without roof tarps. 20-foot and 40-foot lengths are available.

For cold and frozen storage, we sell refrigerated containers. 20-foot and 40-foot High Cube lengths are available as refrigerated units.

Getting Your Shipping Container to Memphis, TN

We’ll ship right to your business or home in Memphis! We can ship your container cross-country utilizing flat-bed trucks or rail, and/or local container delivery using tilt-bed trucking. AWOL DELIVERS!

shipping containers for sale memphis TN

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