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Top Container Modification Ideas

Although most people think of shipping containers stacked high on shipyards waiting to transport cargo across seas, there are a ton of innovative and cool ways to make shipping containers about more than just “shipping”. Shipping containers are built to withstand just about anything, and the construction is next to none. So, who says that they have to be used for just one thing? Not us! These are the most creative and awesome uses for shipping containers. And if you are asking where to find shipping containers near me, look no further than AWOL containers!

Swimming Pools

Who needs an expensive Gunite pool in their backyard? If you have always wanted to have a place for the family to hang out on those hot summer days, why not consider using a shipping cargo container as a substitute for the high-priced pool construction that people typically use? If you piece them together, you can make a whole swimming lane to do laps and get some exercise. Who says that you can’t afford a pool? Using a shipping container makes it affordable for everyone!

Storefront Cafe

Starting a restaurant is one of the riskiest propositions that there are. The main reason is that designing, decorating, and renting or building a storefront puts you into an enormous amount of debt right from the start. A shipping container can make a cute little storefront cafe, and the price is minimal. That way, you can recoup the cost of building and start to turn a profit within the first year, instead of trying to pay off the high cost of construction. There are some really creative ways to turn shipping containers into rustic eateries that are casual and unique!

Tiny House

Ever wanted to minimize your life and just live only with the things you need? A tiny house is an excellent way to appreciate those people around you instead of those “things” that surround you. And it is also an extremely affordable way to carry out your days.Shipping containers can easily be converted to make excellent tiny homes that you can basically transport anywhere you want. You can have a house looking out over the mountains or even one by the shore. Shipping containers are made from such durable material they can withstand any climate that you want to move to and set up roots.

University Dorms

Dorms are nothing but tiny houses pieced together. Since college living is supposed to be inexpensive, shipping container dorms are an excellent way to cut costs. Each student gets their own “space,” which is a shipping container. But there is no lack of room, the maintenance is minimal, and the outside looks super creative and fun, which is just what young people are looking for! Stacking shipping containers together can also make a great apartment building investment without so much of an investment.

Shipping containers are often thought of as things that just move cargo from one end of the sea to the next. But the construction and design of them make them useful for so much more! They are highly durable, and if you get a used container, they are even more affordable than you think.

What are you waiting for?

Get super innovative and turn an old shipping container into something amazing today! If you are asking where to buy the best shipping containers near me, look no further than AWOL containers.

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