How shipping container sales work

How shipping container sales work at AWOL

Welcome newcomers; if you haven’t seen our blog section until now, we are glad to have you on board! In previous articles, we’ve talked about the different functions that we serve to our customers. Now, we think it is important to explain how shipping container sales work when you use our company, AWOL containers. Our goal is to explain to you how a container gets from a ship, then to us, and ultimately, to you.

Should you ever visit AWOL Containers warehouse, what you would find are infinite rows of containers, some stacked as many as 7-high. And although our inventory is vast, not all of them are available for sale. The job of our sale’s managers is to track each shipping container with preciseness so that we know which ones are available for purchase, and which ones are on hold awaiting a future booking that will take them to their new overseas job.

How Old is a Given Container at AWOL Containers?

So, who is responsible for making the call about which containers are available to be sold to the general public and which ones need to remain in the shipping fleet? That decision is left up to the shipping line or the leasing company who owns the container. And since each company manages their containers differently, that can change from box to box. Some companies choose to retire their boxes and equipment after ten years, and some not until after twelve. Some other highly aggressive companies choose to push their equipment to the twenty-year mark, but that requires a whole lot of maintenance to do so.

Most of the inventory that is available for sale were manufactured between 2000 and 2010. And although there are always exceptions, your container will typically fall between those ten years. Regardless of when your container was manufactured, we give you the same guarantee that your continuer will be just as wind and airtight when you buy it as it was when it first rolled into service. If you would like a quote on how much a shipping container would cost, or an entire fleet, click here.


Early Retirement Containers for Sale?

The exception to the age range is something called a one-trip container, which is not a very creative name because it says exactly what it means. One-trip containers have only been overseas once. Almost all shipping containers in the market are made in China, so eventually they have to be shipped to get to us. But unlike other containers, one-trip containers only get to make it here once and never return. One-trippers are the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme, the ultimate perfection.

They are like that football star that everyone swoons over or the top of their class Harvard student who graduates and joins Doctors without Borders; everyone simply loves them. At AWOL Containers we nearly always have one or more one-trip containers available. We absolutely love them, and we are sure you will too! You can peruse our selection of one-trip containers versus our regular ones, which are available to view and buy online.

Our Retired Containers Get a New Look

When it is time for a container to be put out to pasture and retired, there is a good chance that they will end up in AWOL containers. When they do retire with us, we just might find them worthy enough to buy for someone who is in the market for a great wind and weather tight container, like maybe…you? After it is purchased, we neutralize it by painting over any logos, numbers, or container prefixes.

And then, we work to customize it to be exactly what the next owner needs. AWOL Containers can do a variety of things to modify the container to cover our customer’s needs. So, if you have a grand vision of how you would like to it to be, give us a shout! Because we are innovators in the industry, we are always open to any latest and the greatest ideas. Call us anytime, we would love to talk.

The truth is that we just can’t get enough of containers! So, give AWOL a call to buy your container today!

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