How to Open and Close a Cargo Shipping Container

It might not be brain science, but there is a trick to opening a cargo shipping container! And if you aren’t sure how to close it successfully, then you could be jeopardizing the safety of the material that it contains. You don’t have to be strong; you just have to know the process. These are the steps to follow to keep yourself and your valuables safe when opening and closing a shipping container.

How to Open A Grounded Shipping Container

The handles are located in the lower section of the container. The key here is to lower your center of gravity and use your body weight for leverage to both open and close the shipping container.

Start on the right side of the container, which is the overlapping door. There will be two separate latches on the right side to open the door. A good tip is to give the handles a quick kick just to loosen up the hardware and make it easier to unlatch.

Take the upper part of the latches and push them up so that the handle is exposed. Pull up on the top handle to unlatch, and then rotate it to the opposite side. Then do the same to the second latch below it.

Next, pull up on the bottom handle, and using your body weight, rotate it to the opposite side and then down. Then do the same on the upper handle until you hear the door release. You will feel it free up and you can now open the door. Now repeat to open the right door of the container.

The Process to Close A Cargo Container Door

Push the door closed. Grab the handles, and make sure that the hardware is in place. Now, push the handles closer to the latches using your body weight and latch the bottom and then the top into place.

Close the right side using the same method of pushing the handles into place and latching them and then putting the hardware on top. You have to use a little elbow grease, but you will get it open if you use your weight, stay low, and be persistent.

Used Shipping containers are an excellent choice for many uses. And once you know how to operate them, you can handle them with ease! For more information regarding shipping containers and how to use and purchase them, contact AWOL Containers today !

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